Interim Code Panel (ICP)

The Interim Code Panel (ICP) has been established to consider and recommend changes to market codes in the period between publication of the Pre-Vendor Market Architecture Plan (MAP) and the commencement of the enduring Codes Panel envisaged in the Market Arrangements Code (MAC).

The ICP does not carry out all of the functions of the enduring Codes Panel but will aim to conduct its business in line with the relevant MAC provisions. Supporting this, the ICP has developed Terms of Reference for its activities, available from the ICP website.

ICP’s core remit is to make recommendations to either accept or reject all proposed changes to the Wholesale Retail Code and the Market Arrangements Code. The formal baseline documents for this are the versions that were included in the Pre-Vendor MAP, with any proposed changes to these falling to ICP to consider.

However, ICP only makes recommendations as to whether or not proposed changes to the Codes should be made. Ofwat will decide whether or not proposed code changes are to be implemented. The key criteria which govern ICP’s recommendations in respect of any change proposal are the Objectives and Principles set out in the Codes.

MOSL provides secretariat services to the ICP, including the ICP Secretary. In fulfilling this role, MOSL will maintain and control the code documentation, incorporating changes once they have been agreed by Ofwat.

Further information about the ICP can be found in Information Note ICPIN01.

The ICP approved its Terms of Reference on 25 August 2015.


Members of the ICP are as follows. All are independent members, either appointed or elected as follows:

  • Tim Davis – Independent Chair, appointed by Ofwat
  • Mark Holloway (Thames Water), elected by wholesale companies
  • Howard Smith (Yorkshire Water), elected by wholesale companies
  • Michael Brindle (United Utilities), elected by associate retailers
  • John Vinson (Water 2 Business), elected by associate retailers
  • Trevor Nelson (Business Stream), elected by new entrant retailers
  • Nicola Smith (Clear Business), elected by new entrant retailers
  • Elsa Wye – Independent member, appointed by the Chair
  • Nigel Sisman – Independent member, appointed by the Chair
  • Martin Silcock (MOSL) ICP Secretary (non-voting)

All members speak as experts and do not represent the views of their employers nor the constituency which voted for them. Such details are only provided for reference. Elected members have appointed alternates to attend and vote at meetings if they are absent.

In addition, the following non-voting affiliated members attend meetings of the Interim Codes Panel:

  • Steven Hobbs, Consumer Council for Water
  • Amanda Rooney, Ofwat
  • David Walters, Water Industry Commission for Scotland
  • Ben Jeffs, Chief Executive Officer, MOSL


The ICP agreed the processes that would guide its work at its meeting on 25 August 2015. These are encapsulated in the accompanying Change Process document. The ICP intends to keep these processes under review.

Standard templates for Code Change Proposals can be found here:

Please see the ICP Calendar for submission dates.

Code Change Proposals

All Code Change Proposals and their current status are logged. The ICP Change Proposal Control Log also includes matters raised with the ICP Secretary which have not progressed to a Code Change Proposal.

Wholesale Retail Code (WRC)

CMOS release key

NS = No System impact
TBC = Approved. Release # to be confirmed
W = Withdrawn or rejected
NA = Not Approved – system impact if approved
NA/NS = Not Approved – no system impact if approved

WRC007 * Settlement calculation implemented in 2.3, transaction processing planned for later release

ReferenceTitleRecommendationApprovalCMOS release
WRC 069CSD0105 UpdatesCCPRR WRC069APP WRC069
WRC 068CSD0104 UpdatesCCPRR WRC068APP WRC068
WRC 067CSD0101 UpdatesCCPRR WRC067APP WRC067
WRC 066CSD0301 UpdatesCCPRR WRC066APP WRC066
WRC 065Meter Reading ValidationCCPRR WRC065APP WRC065
WRC 064Flags on D1 Settlement ReportCCPRR WRC064APP WRC064
WRC 063New Read Type D3010CCPRR WRC063APP WRC063
WRC 062CSD 0301 updates - Error CodesCCPRR WRC062APP WRC062NA/NS
WRC 061Emergency Contact DetailsCCPRR WRC061APP WRC061NA
WRC 060Data SharingCCPRR WRC060APP WRC060NS
WRC 059Settlement UpdatesCCPRR WRC059APP WRC059NA
WRC 058CSD0301 Updates - Spaces in Meter Serial NumberCCPRR WRC058APP WRC058W
WRC 057Trade Effluent updates - Form H01CCPRR WRC057APP WRC057NS
WRC 055Trade Effluent Updates - SVAM Subtract and Calculated Discharge FrequencyCCPRR WRC055APP WRC055NA
WRC 053CSD0301/CSD0101 updates – SPID Pairing CCPRR WRC053APP WRC053NA
WRC 052CSD 0302 updates - alignment with CSD 0301CCPRR WRC052APP WRC052TBC
WRC 051Performance charge alignment with Interim Supply Allocation (ISA)
WRC 050Alignment with Direction to Supply Guidance and Ofwat’s policy for Direction to SupplyCCPRR WRC050APP WRC050TBC
WRC 049HousekeepingCCPRR WRC049APP WRC049NS
WRC 048Tariff Table UpdatesCCPRR WRC048APP WRC048NS
WRC 047CSD 0301 updates - Error Codes CCPRR WRC047APP WRC047NS
WRC 046CSD0301 Updates - Data Item updates - additional decimal placeCCPRR WRC046APP WRC0462.3
WRC 045TE Sampling notification updatesCCPRR WRC045APP WRC045W
WRC 044Operational Forms - Consistency AlterationsCCPRR WRC044APP WRC044NS
WRC 043Credit and Payment TermsCCPRR WRC043APP WRC043NS
WRC 042Alignment to Customer Protection Code of PracticeCCPRR WRC042APP WRC042TBC
WRC 041CSD 0301 - New data item updatesCCPRR WRC041APP WRC041TBC
WRC 040Alignment to Guaranteed Service StandardsCCPRR WRC040APP WRC040NS
WRC 038CSD 0301 - Error Codes TableCCPRR WRC038APP WRC038W
WRC 037Settlement updatesCCPRR WRC037APP WRC0372.3
WRC 036Data format updatesCCPRR WRC036APP WRC036NS
WRC 035Business Terms update - De minimis value and interest paymentsCCPRR WRC035APP WRC035NS
WRC 034Alignment with Interim Supply Code and Ofwat’s interim supply policyCCPRR WRC034APP WRC034NS
WRC 033CSD0301 Updates – ValidationsCCPRR WRC033APP WRC033NS
WRC 032CSD0301 Updates – Meter Networks (Future)CCPRR WRC032APP WRC032TBC
WRC 031CSD0301 Updates – Data Item Format (Future)CCPRR WRC031APP WRC0312.3
WRC 030Developer ServicesCCPRR WRC030APP WRC030NS
WRC 029CSD0206_0207 UpdatesCCPRR WRC029APP WRC028NS
WRC 028CSD0405 UpdatesCCPRR WRC028APP WRC028NS
WRC 027CSD0301 Updates – Clarification (Future)CCPRR WRC027APP WRC0272.3
WRC 026CSD0301 Updates – New Data itemsCCPRR WRC026APP WRC0262.3
WRC 025CSD0301 Updates – ClarificationsCCPRR WRC025APP WRC025TBC
WRC 024CSD0301 Updates – Meter ReadsCCPRR WRC024APP WRC0242.3
WRC 023CSD0301 Updates – Meter NetworksCCPRR WRC023APP WRC023TBC
WRC 022CSD0301 Updates – Address changeCCPRR WRC022APP WRC0222.3
WRC 021CSD0301 Updates – Meter TreatmentCCPRR WRC021APP WRC021TBC
WRC 020CSD0301 Updates - Data Item FormatsCCPRR WRC020APP WRC020NS
WRC 019Housekeeping changesCCPRR WRC019APP WRC019NS
WRC 018Settlement updatesCCPRR WRC018APP WRC0181.1
WRC 017Data catalogue updates – Postcode data itemCCPRR WRC017APP WRC0172.3
WRC 016Data catalogue updates - SPID FormatCCPRR WRC016APP WRC016NS
WRC 015Data catalogue updates - TCORR transactionsCCPRR WRC015APP WRC0152.3
WRC 014Data catalogue updatesCCPRR WRC014APP WRC0142.3
WRC 013Reasons for meter removal and installCCPRR WRC013APP WRC013NS
WRC 012Password policy and account managementCCPRR WRC012APP WRC0121.1
WRC 011Document and transaction headers supporting sequential processingCCPRR WRC011APP WRC0111.1
WRC 010Alignment with Ofwat’s consultation on charges scheme rules for 2016-17 and future developmentsCCPRR WRC010APP WRC0102.3
WRC 00930 Sept 2015 MAP: Quality AssuranceCCPRR WRC009APP WRC0091.1
WRC 00830 Sept 2015 MAP: Independent Review of Settlement AlgebraCCPRR WRC008APP WRC0081.1
WRC 00730 Sept 2015 MAP: Cross Border MattersCCPRR WRC007APP WRC0072.3 (partial)
WRC 006Encryption of Non-Repudiation of Message ContentCCPRR WRC006APP WRC0061.1
WRC 005Use of Remote Meter ReadsCCPRR WRC005APP WRC0051.1
WRC 00430 Sept 2015 MAP: Alignment with Licensing ConsultationCCPRR WRC004APP WRC004W
WRC 00330 Sept 2015 MAP: Alignment with draft Exit RegulationsCCPRR WRC003APP WRC003NS
WRC 00230 Sept 2015 MAP: Matters relating to Trade EffluentCCPRR WRC002APP WRC0021.1
WRC 00130 Sept 2015 MAP: Housekeeping changesCCPRR WRC001APP WRC001NS

Market Arrangements Code (MAC)

MAC 013Code change process - implementing changes---
MAC 012Code change process - final report---
MAC 011Code change process - recommendationchanges---
MAC 010Code change process – urgent and interactive changes---
MAC 009Credit and Payment Terms CCPRR MAC009APP MAC009-
MAC 008Market Operator escrow arrangementsCCPRR MAC008APP MAC008-
MAC 007Transitional charging periodCCPRR MAC007APP MAC006-
MAC 006Appointment of the market operatorCCPRR MAC006APP MAC006-
MAC 005ICP Data Protection---
MAC 004Change Proposal Form Update---
MAC 003Quality AssuranceCCPRR MAC003APP MAC003-
MAC 002Cross Border MattersCCPRR MAC002APP MAC002-
MAC 00130 September 2015 MAP: Housekeeping ChangesCCPRR MAC001APP MAC001-


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View the current version of the ICP Actions Log.


The Codes page contains versions of the Wholesale Retail Code and the Market Arrangements Code since Ofwat formally agreed to the changes that were recommended by the Interim Codes Panel. The codes which have changed contain a ‘clean’ version and a version showing any changes since the post-vendor ‘MAP’ version (issued in September 2015).